Detangling Hairbrush

Detangling Hairbrush

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Brushes are such a basic tool that you usually don’t think much about how they look. Bland and utilitarian works well enough as long as the brush does what it’s meant to do. However, with this Detangling Brush, they decided to up the ante. Not only is it perfect at smoothing and detangling your locks, it has a wild, multi-colored neon vibe that will brighten up your blah brushing routine.


I love that the soft-tipped rubber bristles are designed to be used on bot wet and dry hair. This is especially nice when brushing kid’s hair after baths. The brush doesn’t tug or rip out strands which leads to a tear-free evening for you.

The brush is also anti-static and the bristles are designed to massage your scalp as it brushes, which promotes circulation and healthy hair growth.



The handle is smooth, soft rubber in the funnest shade of neon pink. It’s easy to grip for adults and kids alike. I also love that the back side of the brush features a handy mirror, so you can check out your work. Also a perfect size for stowing in your purse, allowing the mirror to double as a make-up checking tool.

Mostly I’m in love with the fun, wavy, neon bristles. It’s reminiscent of the best parts of the 80’s- plus, since the 80’s and neon have made a huge comeback, this brush is ultra modern and hip. I know the irls will be fighting over who gets to keep this one!


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  1. This hairbrush sounds great. I like the colors of it also. This would be great as my hair gets so snarly being outside in the summer.

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