Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

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***I received this product in exchange for my honest opinions.


One of the fun things about having a house full of girls is that on the weekends, we often have stay-at-home spa days. Especially during these bitter cold months when there isn’t even any snow to play in outside, it’s nice  to have a sweet retreat indoors to keep us occupied. So it isn’t uncommon to see people walking past with towel-wrapped heads, all colors of face masks, toe separators!

One of our favorite new at-home spa products is this Dead Sea Mud Mask from InstaNatural. It comes in a super generous 16 oz tub that will see you through many uses. This 100% pure, mineral-infused mud comes directly from the Dead Sea and can be used up to once  a week as a skin purifier and detoxifier. It contains pure Dead Sea mud, enhanced with organic shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, hickory bark, and calendula oil.

All you need is a thin layer- the mask goes on thick and creamy with a very mud-like texture, and dries quickly to a skin-tightening crust. You can use this on both face and body and should leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Make sure you really do rinse carefully, the dark-colored mud has a way of hiding under your jaw, in small crevices, etc.


The results are so nice and really do make you feel like you’ve visited a rejuvenating spa! The mask leaves your skin feeling tingling fresh and purified, pores are tighter and skin feels smoother. I think the long-term effects could help clear up acne and other skin issues. Overall I was very pleased with this product and would definitely buy it in the future.


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