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In the fast-paced, ever-changing internet world, the most popular sites today may be utterly obsolete tomorrow. One thing that doesn’t change is our desire to share our lives with each other through photographs. Indeed, as more and more of the phones, tablets and other devices we use on a daily basis now come equipped with good quality cameras, it has become easy for everyone to capture and save memories- often with beautiful results that wouldn’t have been possible even five or ten years ago.

Of course, the current rage is Instagram, with everyone from teens to serious photographers flocking to the photo-sharing site. With a breezy interface and the ability to play with fun, simple filters, the popularity of the site is understandable. One of the drawbacks of having all your photos saved in this manner is that they can seem fleeting, because they often aren’t printed or displayed in the real world.


That’s why the #Cube is a genius idea. It’s sort of reminiscent of those electronic photo frames that you load with an SD card full of pictures that can either be set to show one photo or a constant slideshow. The difference between those and the #Cube is that this device connects wirelessly via the internet to your social media accounts, displaying an instant,  real-time freshly continuous delivery stream of photos and video clips.


The #Cube displays not only your own photos, but those of your family and friends on a big, bright, 768×768 LCD touch screen. It’s completely portable and wireless, with a built in speaker and rechargeable battery. The top features a big heart-shaped favorite button and the device has 4 GB of internal memory that allows you to save your favorite photos.


It currently comes in black, white or classic- the classic is my favorite with it’s cool retro-rainbow-ribbon design. The #Cube retails for $149.99. The device is simple to use and I find it to be an elegant marriage of current technology with our innate sense of sentiment and nostalgia.