Craft Your Own Photo Collage #CMYK #MyPrintly

Craft Your Own Photo Collage #CMYK #MyPrintly

**This is a sponsored post made possible by MyPrintly and MomSelect. All thoughts, ideas and opinions are purely my own!

I’ve recently had quite a few opportunities to play around on the MyPrintly website. The site is easy to navigate and they feature so many neat ideas, from cardmaking to gifts to celebrations and party decor! For a party we hosted, I was able to print personalized popcorn boxes and cute photo props. These really put the finishing, polished touch on the festivities. And hey, I am all about simple ideas that make me look like some kind of homemaking rockstar.

I love how the site lets your print professional-looking cards, scrapbook pages, calendars and more, plus you can make creations right from your mobile device AND make gorgeous prints directly from Instagram.

Checking out all these fun ideas got my creative juices flowing and I decided to venture a bit off the beaten path with my own patchwork collage. I designed this as a card and envelope, but I actually think it would be pretty  and interesting to frame both parts and hang them together.

For this project you will need:

  • Cardstock and matching envelope
  • Printer paper and printer
  • Stickers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Dimensional paint
  • Ric rac or thin ribbon
  • Glitter
  • Pens or markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors


For the envelope, I printed a full-sized sheet photo of one of my nieces. You can allow the photo you choose help guide your own color selections in terms of paint and background collage items. For this piece I used a mixture of pink and gold acrylic paint to base coat one side of the envelope. I wanted a distressed, organic look so I swirled the colors together and purposely left drips and splotches. Let dry.


Cut the main focal point of your photo into long, thin, slanting strips. Angle each strip differently as you cut. Glue these to the envelope over the paint, again slanting them to your liking and leaving small spaces between the strips. Add a few decorative stickers to the corners.

Add your ric rac or thin ribbon. You can either glue these down, about 1 inch apart all the way across the envelope- or if you’re planning to frame your work, just wrap the ric rac completely around the page and secure at the corners. The goal here is to make a sort of patchwork grid, between the horizontal lines of the cut up photo and the vertical lines of the ric rac.


For the card itself, I first found and printed a variety of evocative clip art images. There are tons of royalty free images available online for this purpose. I also printed a smaller, differently filtered version of my large focal photograph. Cut out and play around with the images, layering them until you find a design you like. Glue them to the page. I saved the focal image for last, again cutting it into strips and gluing them onto the other images. I also added a quote, which I wrote on plain white paper and glued down. You could easily find a fun font and print your quote instead.  I used the quote “Jenny, we make just dreams out of our unjust lives.” from a poem by Lisel Mueller. Finish up by adding stickers or other small scrapbooking items, then dabbing acrylic paint, outlining with dimensional paint and sprinkling with glitter.

This craft is less about following strict instructions and more about following your heart and letting your own creativity shine! I’d love to see your creations, so do share.

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