Circle Contact Lenses

Circle Contact Lenses

**This is a sponsored post. I have received free products to help facilitate my review but all opinions are my own.

It’s no secret that our whole household has a love of cosmetic contact lenses. There’s just something so fun about popping them in and seeing how you look with new eyes. I admit, we tend to love the wildly designed ones even more than the natural-looking ones, though the girls aren’t allowed to wear anything too crazy to school.

These lenses from Lens Circle are a happy medium. They do come in some crazy designs, but they offer a huge variety of options in naturally-occurring colors. We decided on this gorgeous dark blue for our review. The secret, though, is that Circle Lenses make your eyes appear larger. This is popular in the Japanese dolly-eyed look, where you also line your eyes with white on the inside edge and apply false lashes for hugely proportioned doe eyes.

These make your eyes look larger because normal color lenses are only tinted in the areas that cover the eyes iris, while circle lenses have an extra dark colored tint around the outer ring of the lens (The outer ring is transparent in normal color lenses).

I love that these come in  their own cute carrying pouch, each lens in an individual bottle of solution and that they also arrived with their own case to keep them in. Such nice touches! The best part is the lenses themselves. We found these to be superior in quality to some of the brands we tried. These are a medical-grade lens and you can actually feel the difference. They were more comfortable to wear, not scratchy at all, and it was easy to forget they were even in. They were just beautiful once in place, the depth and transparency of color was striking.

These will definitely be our first choice in the future!