Christmas Paper Crafting: Holiday Cards, Gift Tags & More

Christmas Paper Crafting: Holiday Cards, Gift Tags & More

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There was a time when I spent countless hours laboriously crafting my own gift cards and tags. I would pore over photographs, printing out the best ones on a variety of papers for interesting textural and visual effect; I would hand-letter greeting in painstaking calligraphy; I would choose little bits of lace and ribbon and buttons for dimension; I would sometimes even draw or paint my own artwork onto tiny cards. One year, I made all of my own giftwrap as well- stamping, collaging, sewing.

The gifts inside might be humble, but the love I put into my offerings was most decidedly not.

What happened to these labors of love? Kids happened. The first year I watched them rip like a small, very localized tornado through weeks of my meticulous work in under 15 minutes, I admit it hurt a little. But I realized they were just kids. The packaging meant nothing to them beyond their strategic, war-like reconnaissance to ascertain what might be inside. Plus, I was so busy at that point that I decided to capitulate. Store-bought giftwrap became good enough for me.

A part of me has missed those days, though. And Christmas Paper Crafting: Holiday Cards, Gift Tags & More  from Design originals by Fox Chapel Publishing brought that longing rushing back to my heart.

This book is gorgeously illustrated and colored. Every page is a feast for the eyes.

And the best part is, I can use this book to make myself look like a rockstar Christmas elf with a small portion of the effort I once used. Everything a person might need to create stellar Christmas greetings is gathered all in one place, including:

  • 50 Christmas Greeting Cards
  • 16 Holiday Gift Tags
  • 18 Yuletide Mini-Cards
  • 6 Festive Bookmarks
  • Large & Small Envelope Templates
  • Large-Format Art Frameables
  • 34-page Seasonal Scrapbook Paper Gallery

The cards and tags are all perforated for ease of use- all you have to do is pop them out of the pages, embellish to your liking and ta-da! Professional-looking results. The bookmarks can be tucked into Christmas cards for an extra treat, or distributed in stockings- perhaps inside a new book!

I love that they include envelope templates, so you aren’t stuck with using plain store-bought ones. The scrapbook paper gallery is another of my favorites. You can use this to get really creative- line the inside of a card for an extra luxurious feel, cut out a string of gingerbread men holding hands, even wrap a small gift.

The level of embellishment you add is up to you. You could get by with a few basics like glue, scissors, clear tape and festive ribbon or string. But you’ll probably find yourself wanting to add glitter, sequins, bows and more as you get swept away in the fun.


Christmas Paper Crafting: Holiday Cards, Gift Tags & More  is available here for $19.97

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  1. I love paper crafts. I have a group of girls I meet with once a month and we make new cards and tags. So much fun!

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