Chocolate Robot Invasion!

Chocolate Robot Invasion!

I received this awesome shipment of handmade chocolates by Kreations by Kris thanks to the sweet Twillypop! Her tiny chocolate robots and marshmallow-filled Lego blocks are unequivocally one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Everything came packed in pretty flowered tins. The moment I opened the first tin, the delectable aroma of high quality, pure chocolate went straight to my brain. I think I could easily become an addict, packing one of these tins around with me all day, just a quick sniff sending me to a place of total happiness.  She also sent a wide variety of yummy flavored truffles! I’d have to say the Lego blocks, with their sturdy solid chocolate outsides and gooey marshmallowy insides are my absolute favorite. Plus you know you’re just dying to build chocolate Lego fortresses so your cute chocolate robots can have wars. Okay. At least I am, maybe you’re not that weird. I’m just saying that all casualties will be eaten!

I’m just going to leave you now with gratuitous chocolate photos. You’re welcome!

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  1. Those are really cute! I would like the marshmallow ones too they sound delicious. I love the smell of good chocolate although honestly I am not huge into chocolate itself but it is entirely intoxicating!

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