Chloe Sevigny and The Hollywood Status Quo

So during Variety’s panel at the Cannes Film Festival  Chloe Sevigny spoke out about her experiences with inappropriate sexual comments from directors, etc. in Hollywood, which she shies away from even calling harassment.
The reaction? How dare she. She exposed her nipples on multiple occasions in movies! She had a guy’s penis. IN HER MOUTH.
This is serious, folks. 🙁 He may have ejaculated in there. 🙁
Because any woman who ever had a penis in her mouth is clearly a whore who has surrendered her bodily autonomy and should now just shut the hell up and function as some sort of pass-around blow up doll for all men she encounters.
The message is disturbingly clear: Be quiet and get back on your knees where you belong. It’s hard to complain with your mouth full, amirite? Wink wink, nudge nudge.
It’s weird how these same people weren’t too prudish to WATCH these films. Which, I mean, Gummo and Brown Bunny were not exactly playing at your local megaplex. You have to go out of your way to find them. And once you do, you’ll remember that nipple taping scene for. ever.
Oh people are hilarious.