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I’ve always loved the look of cheerful, glowing paper lanterns- either strung outside across the yard like floating otherwordly orbs on a summer evening, or arranged into a slightly magical array indoors.


This package of Ten White Chinese Lanterns was the perfect blank canvas for both creativity and decorating. The fun part is that it also comes with its own free E-book stuffed full of crafting ideas and projects. You’ll need more than just ten lanterns after you check out all the fun and thoughtful ways others have used them.

Each lantern is 10″, made from decorative rice paper. They ship flat, with a metal hanger that can be slipped inside to stabilize them. The metal hangers also featre hooks for connecting and hanging the lanterns.

There are truly so many endless uses for these, from weddings to parties, to kids rooms and crafts. They’re super easy to assemble and they can easily be strung along a strand of fairy lights. For individual centerpieces, try lighting them with safe battery-powered tea candles.


I received my lanterns around Christmas, so decided to use them in a snowman project. I had a tall, hollow acrylic flower arranging base. I stacked three lanterns together and topped them off with a Santa hat. There are all kinds of variations you could try! For a hanging snowman, just hook the three lanterns together and hang from an S hook in your ceiling or porch overhang outside. You could make a whole ow of cheerfully swaying snowmen this way. You could also choose to add small twigs to the sides of the center lantern for arms. Another fun way to personalize the snowmen would be to paint cute faces with acrylic paints- or glue on small buttons and accessories. For a sparkly snow effect, spray lanterns all over with a thin tacky glue and sprinkle with microfine white glitter. The possibilities are only bound by your imagination!


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