BriaUSA Cascade Hangers

**This is a sponsored post. I have received free products to help facilitate my review but all opinions are my own.


Though I’ve always had dreams of a Martha-Stewart-esque closet, every inch meticulously organized and color-coordinated, I have to admit that my real-life efforts fall far short. Teetering shoe boxes, tangles of scarves, miss-matched hangers handed down or picked up along the way from…wherever it is that hangers seem to magically appear from.

These pretty pink cascade hangers from BriaUSA are my first step towards closet nirvana. It’s inspiring to see them all lined up, actual matching GROWN-UP hangers! I want more, maybe different shades of pink or red for the various seasons- different colors for each closet in my house. Oh the possibilities are endless.

The hangers themselves are sturdy-feeling, not flimsy at all. The steel hooks feature a swivel design that makes them easy to hang from any direction. The body of the hanger features a cascading hook, which allows you to hang clothes in multiple layers, saving space. They have a notched shoulder to prevent clothes from slipping off. These won’t rust or rub off any residue onto your clothes. And the color is so pretty and feminine! Definitely a sophisticated addition to my closet.

I would recommend these for anyone, from children to fancy adult suits. And since they have a wide variety of colors and styles, you’re sure to find one (or more!) that matches your decor and suits your needs.


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