Bloggers! How to earn monthly cash with affiliate marketing. #monetize

Bloggers! How to earn monthly cash with affiliate marketing. #monetize

There are tons of fun ways for bloggers to either receive complimentary products for review (and sometimes be paid for posting those reviews) or to earn payments through promotional posts and affiliate marketing. Today I’m going to focus on one of my favorite affiliate sites, Share A Sale.

I think many bloggers and website owners overlook the earning potential of affiliate marketing because it seems too complex, time-consuming or just over their heads. It can be one more thing you don’t want to deal with when you barely have time to write the meaningful posts that initially drew you to blogging.

However, I can personally attest to how easy Share A Sale is. It’s been one of the most lucrative partnerships for me so far in my quest to earn a little something back for the time and effort that goes into maintaining a blog.

Joining is simple. You’ll initially have to provide some information about and verify your site. Then you’ll be able to choose the merchants that fit best with your own personal brand and goals. They represent a huge variety of well-known brands, from fashion to furnishings to food and much more! I guarantee you’ll find multiple companies that fit right in to your own aesthetic.

As you choose companies to work with, you apply individually to each of their programs. Once accepted you will have access to a wide assortment of text links, banner ads and more that are pre-embedded with your own personal affiliate id number. You can post these in the sidebar of your site or within blog posts. Each time a reader clicks on one of those ads, a cookie is saved on their computer. If they make a purchase within the lifetime of that cookie, your account will be credited with a percentage of their order total. You can find out what percentage each company offers before you join their program. Most companies also offer bonus times when you will receive an even higher amount during special promotions.

You might think- oh my blog is too new or my traffic is too low to generate any sales. That’s where Share A Sale really shines above other programs. Many companies offer bonuses of $5 or $10 simply for creating a blog post about their brand. Most will send you a pre-written post including links and banners that you merely need to copy, paste and publish. Some prefer you to write your own content, but they provide plenty of information and make it super simple to accomplish in a short time. Trust me, those bonus posts add up quickly!

As if that weren’t enough, many companies also offer recruiting bonuses if your blogging friends are accepted into their programs. You have the choice to be paid by check or direct deposit.

I’ve been a member for less than a year and my earning to date total over $500.

I’m going to provide a list below for you of some of my favorite companies. All of these either offer bonus posts or recruiting posts. I will come back and add more as I find them. I’d love to hear about any other that you’ve found and love! Feel free to post your own links in the comment section.

Now, of course, these are going to contain my affiliate links. By clicking on them and joining, I will receive a commission. But trust me, you’ll thank me when your own checks start arriving!



Birthday Express





Eleventh Avenue


Madison Reed

Magnet Street


Little Passports

One Kings Lane



Stella & Dot

Tea Collection

True& Co.

Visible Interest

Warby Parker