Bitty Bot

Bitty Bot

From the metallic, embossed cover to the very last page, this children’s book is a true pleasure. The gorgeous cover makes it feel substantial in a way that books for kids often don’t. I guarantee it’s going to stand out like a rare, sparkling jewel on any shelf.

The stylized illustrations are both beautiful and well -thought-out. The use of one color palette (calm blue, purple, aqua) for Robot Town and a strikingly different color scheme for the moon (vivid yellow, orange and purple) will give kids visual clues to help them differentiate between the two.

The fun text is simple and rhyming yet also clever. This is a tale of a young robot who stays up late crafting a rocket so he can party on the moon. The story really shines when being read aloud. I can easily picture this becoming a nightly demand in many houses- but with phrases that are so fun to recite and pictures that are so lovely, I think it will become a parent favorite too.

Bitty Bot, written by Tim McCanna, illustrated by Tad Carpenter. Available from Simon and Schuster Books For Young Readers.


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