Bath & Body Works Summer Haul

Bath & Body Works Summer Haul

Bath & Body Works is having their semi-annual sale, which I am rarely able to resist. It seems silly not to stock up at prices up to 75% off, since we  use a ton of their products all year long. I thought you guys might like to see the goodies I snagged for under $40!

I will admit that I prefer the winter sale, probably because I adore the holiday and fall scents, as well as the shimmer products they usually have then. There were a few wintry stragglers available now, but they were selling out so quickly it was  hard to snag them. Still, I feel like I got nice mix of old favorites and new-to-me scents to try. Every time I take bath now, it’s hard to decide which one to choose.

The Cinnamon Caramel Swirl candle  was my best holiday leftover find, it smells like a giant freshly baked cinnamon bun drizzled in icing and caramel- so delicious. Their three-wick candles always last me a long time and have a good scent throw. If I’m having company over,  I’ll light one in the living room and one in the kitchen area and that keeps my whole open-concept downstairs  smelling nice

I picked up several of the gentle foaming hand soaps because they were super cheap and in my experience they make the perfect bubble bath.  Silver Gin Fizz is a scent I’d never heard of, but it sounded festive and fun. It’s kind of masculine and crisp with a mix of juniper berry, sparkling apple, and a twist of citrus. Not my favorite ever, but still pleasant, and perfect for anyone who likes clean guy scents without musk. You Shine Bright is a citrusy, summery blend of strawberry and lemon- a sparkling, happy scent. I grabbed Sea Island Cotton because I have a love affair with their Cotton Blossom scent and thought this might be similar. This is more citrus-based,  with notes of tangerine, blood orange and pear leaf.

Speaking of Cotton Blossom, I always buy this one when I see it, this time in the shower gel. Something about this scent just speaks to me, it reminds me of freshly washed crisp white cotton sheets hanging outside on the line, whipping in the breeze and soaking in the sunshine. It’s just pure happiness for me.

Three other shower gels I picked out were Pink Chiffon which is a pretty, floral scent with notes of peach and mandarin orange. This one is a favorite of my mom, so of course I had to grab her a bottle; Be Enchanted, this is another scent that I’ve loved for a while because you kittens know I adore sugary sweet florals. It’s a fairytale combination of frosted florals sweetened with sparkling sugared pomegranate; and Oahu Coconut Sunset, which is all the best things about laying on a Hawaiian beach slathered in coconut sunscreen.

I also nabbed the Oahu Coconut Sunset in a fine body spray, which is a little bit stronger than their fragrance mists. I did buy two of the mists- Wild Madagascar Vanilla and Velvet Sugar, plus one creamy luxe hand soap in Fresh Spring Garden, which is so pretty and is the scent I used for my bubbly bath tonight!

They still have some good sales going on, so if you need to restock, get yourself over there. I’d love to hear what you scored or about your favorite Bath & Body Works products of all time.



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  1. I’m on somewhat of a no-buy (til I finish all the stuff I currently have) spree but aughhh, this is tempting me so much, haha. I love things that smell nice! 😛

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