BarkBox Totally ’90s Subscription Box Review

BarkBox Totally ’90s Subscription Box Review

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You can find a subscription box for everything under the sun now. Some of them are nicer and more useful than others! When I found BarkBox, I immediately wanted to try it out, because- well, the most important person in my life is my dog.

Some of you might have read about him. The Mighty Thor Thunderpaw. The name pretty much says it all. He’s exactly as ostentatiously spoiled as he sounds. As such, he’s incredibly hard to please when it comes to treats and toys. He has very specific parameters regarding what he finds acceptable. Me, I am merely his humble servant, bumbling through the many available choices, hoping his Lordship might be pleased.

Yes, yes, he is watching me while I type, why do you ask.

Anyway, back to the BarkBox.

I love that each month has a cute theme that they seem to put a lot of thought into. For this post, we received the 1990’s theme box.  The toys in these boxes are impressively high-quality, plus they’re ones I’ve never seen before. I spend a LOT of time looking for new toys he might like, so I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have new ones chosen for me and delivered all in one package each month.

This was one of the cutest toy ideas I’ve seen in a while. The Way Rad Rollerblade! It’s a plush stuffed rollerblade with a squeaker plus three firmly attached small tennis balls as “wheels”. This one has held up well through many tug-of-war battles.

They included super cute stickers so the humans in the family don’t feel left out. Also note the themed wrapping paper! You could use these for scrapbooking opportunities with your pup’s pics.


The Thunderpaw did NOT want to wait until pictures had been taken of the merch.


GigaBite Treats. See how they even extend the theme to the treats?

Duck Tots. Well, okay, I don’t know how these fit the theme, but he liked them!

This giant ’90’s-era cellphone has turned out to be one his longest lasting favorite toys. It is plush with a squeaker inside. I have to admit, the whole family loves this one. We like to make calls for him or discuss who called him that day. It’s usually someone important like the Pope or Madonna. Sometimes it rings but he tells us he isn’t available. I actually had to block Miley Cyrus because she’s kind of aggressive when it comes to calling other people’s dogs.


These boxes are available in size-appropriate subscriptions, from small to large and priced from $21- $29 per month. You can get a free first box with any new subscription plan order.

Thor and I give these boxes four paws up. The persnickety little guy loves them and that’s all that counts for me.