Alite Advanced LED Plant Grow Light

Alite Advanced LED Plant Grow Light

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The growing season here in Ohio seems to be getting shorter each year. Blame global climate change, or the grumpy Old North Wind, or whatever you like- but the effects are real. The spring is particularly unpredictable, with freezing temps and snow arriving as late as April. Things have gotten so erratic, it’s hard to plan for a garden and trust that early seedlings will be able to survive.

That’s why I thought it would be fun and useful to try out an indoor growing light like the Alite Advanced LED Grow Light. This 12W light has been optimized to produce the most efficient wavelengths to produce peak photosynthesis performance in  garden plants. The lights are also manufactured with a heat sink, so they produce the least possible amount of heat for safety and to avoid damaging plants. The 12 LED lights are precisely arranged and attuned to provide the maximu amount of plat growth.

This is all sweet music to my ears. I found the light extremely easy to use. It’s just like an oversized lightbulb, but the base is compatible with most normal household light sockets. The heat sink technology that keeps the bulb cool kept me from worrying about such a large bulb causing a fire. I was able to set this up above a table with an adjustable lamp to direct it at my newly planted seedlings. I haven’t had to deal with fluctuating outdoor temperatures or downpouring rain that sometimes ravages tender seedlings.

My goal is to transplant my seedlings outside once the weather is dependable, but I may start some new ones inside just to see then grow to fruition. One thing is certain, this grow light has given my garden a serious head start and a much needed boost this year!


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  1. Looks like a pretty cool little light. It’s cheap too, so you could get several of them to supplement a more powerful light source. Just surround your plants so they get hit with light from every angle. You’d probably see some great growth and wouldn’t be paying much more on your electric bill.

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