Adore Box March Edition

Adore Box March Edition

Yes, I know it’s April already-and a chilly, windy April it has been here. However, the March Adore Box didn’t reach me until recently. I think the owners experienced some family tragedies this month, so send a kind thought their way. And honestly, it’s never too late for fun beauty goodies, so let’s just dive right in to their March offering.

First of all, we have the Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes. I had never heard of this brand before, but if you know me then you know I ALWAYS keep wipes in my purse, in my car- basically everywhere. Having kids, dogs and generally just being kind of accident prone means that wipes are vital to my existence. Usually I see ones specifically for the face or hands, so I like that these are meant to pamper your feet.

These are 100% natural, alcohol free and feature soothing aloe and vitamin e. They do feel really nice on your skin and add moisture instead of drying you out. For me, these are great because I like to walk around either barefoot or in open shoes as much as possible. They’re also nice after the gym to keep stinky, sweaty feet under control. And you can actually use them on your hands as well!

The box included a full size pack of 2 wipes, which retails for $6.95.

Next they included a That’s It bar, which may be the first non-beauty item I’ve gotten in an Adore Box. Intriguingly, the package states there is one apple plus 12 strawberries contained in just one bar. (Picture me pondering how they managed to stuff all that inside one small bar.) These have no preservatives, are gluten free, all natural, kosher, vegan and raw, non-GMO and contain no fat and only 100 calories (giant gasp for breath!).

So despite a description that makes them sound like they might possibly not even exist, these are actually pretty tasty.  The bar is very dense and moist, and a little bit chewy. The fruit flavor really does come through, with the tanginess  of the strawberries being the star of the show.

I received one 1.2 oz bar. These are kind of pricey at 12 bars for $18.99.

Kiehl’s is a brand that I already love and  respect, so I was happy to spot one of their products here: Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate.  According to the package it is clinically demonstrated to noticeably decrease the appearance of marionette lines, crow’s feet and suborbital wrinkles while improving skin texture and radiance.  (Another giant gasp for breath. These companies are nothing if not wordy.)

To be real, of course I have no idea if it actually works. It smells nice and it has a serum-like consistency. It isn’t tacky or sticky after being applied. I plan to apply it religiously to my between-eye and laughline areas to try to stave off gravity.

All Kiehl’s products are high-end expensive, so this is $62.00 for a 1.7 oz size and I received a .17 oz sample tube.

I’ve been enjoying the lip products from these boxes quite a bit and this one contained another one that I like. Wet N Wild Color Icon Lip Gloss in a limited edition Pop Color. This shade was called a red, but  it’s really closer to a very pretty magenta. It wears comfortably and of course since it’s a gloss, you can go more sheer or layer it for a dramatic effect.

This was a full size, which retails for just $2.99.

Last but not least, they included a Masque Bar Oxygen Bubble Sheet Mask. I’m kind of obsessed lately with face masks, especially ones from Korea. I sit and watch those face glass technique videos on Youtube in total awe of their perfect skin. Plus masks are one of the quickest, least expensive ways to make you feel like you’re being spa-level pampered every single day. So this was a soothing way to end this month’s Adore Box.

Is this worth the subscription price? You can check back through my previous reviews, but I feel like they consistently offer products that either reach or exceed the subscription price of $15 per month (prepaid subs are discounted beyond that and they have several larger box options.) I also enjoy getting a mix of higher-end and drugstore-type products.

Here is a shot of my special guest tester, The Mighty Thor Thunderpaw, who feels it’s his job to help me take pictures. By laying on top of the products.