A Month of Gratitude, Day 15: Failing

I started off this month with the idea of doing daily gratitude posts. Obviously I have been failing.

I knew when I set this goal that it probably wouldn’t work out. I love this blog and it has brought me much good fortune, but honestly it can be far down on my massive list of Numba One Important things that need my attention each day. I’m not making excuses. I’m aware that we make time for the things and people which are truly important to us. I chose family dinners and homework help and paying work assignments and cheer practice and playing in the leaves over the blog.

I’m not upset about it. I’m thankful even for failure. Not just in this instance, which was a tiny failure that very few would likely notice. I’m thankful for every rejection letter, every cake that got scraped directly into the trash, every project that got cut apart and restitched. Failing means I was striving. It means I was putting myself out there into the world, vulnerable and trying, taking risks with no guarantee of any reward.

It is the only way to move forward in this life. Blind and scared but reaching.

The key, though, is to not let failure and rejection stop you. “Water off a ducks back” as the adorable Jinkx Monsoon would say. Take the criticisms that will help you improve (even when the criticism comes from inside your own head), let the rest slide away into oblivion. Let the ‘no’s drive you and feed your desire to hear only ‘yes’es.

I may go back and fill in the days I’ve missed. I have a lot to say and a lot to be grateful for. For now I am remembering to be thankful for the seemingly bad in life as well as the good.


2 thoughts on “A Month of Gratitude, Day 15: Failing

  1. I wish I had time to comment on each and every post you write they are done so beautifully.

    You werent ‘failing’ by not posting, you were busy living.

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