A Deeper Dive into Mission Amazon, Plus Get One Month Free

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On Junior Explorers’ Mission Amazon, your kids will travel on a virtual adventure to the Amazon to help a Chief Scientist with an urgent mission!

Every Junior Explorers mission begins with a kit that arrives at home in the mail. The Mission Amazon kit will get kids ready for their adventure to the Amazon in South America! In the opening mission letter, Junior Explorers discover that Chief Scientist Pukatire in the Amazon needs their help. Kids learn that a jaguar has gone missing and it’s up to them to find it! Using the materials in the mission kit, Junior Explorers will learn about the Amazon so they can go online and help solve this mystery.

Every Mission Amazon kit includes:
– Mission Letter
– Mission Checklist
– Amazon Fact Sheet
– Activity Book
– Official Mission Amazon Pin
– Four Postcards
– Mission Wristband
– Jaguar and Frog Toys
– Six Animal Flashcards
– 12 Stickers
– 9 Temporary Tattoos
– 1 Secret Code to Unlock the Online Mission

Online, Junior Explorers learn all about the Amazon and the wild animals that live there, like the jaguar, golden lion tamarin and capybara. Did you know that spider monkeys use their tail like an extra arm to grab branches while eating with their hands and feet? Kids will learn facts like this, and more, on Mission Amazon!

Junior Explorers also play games on Mission Amazon, like “What’s The Animal” and “The Canoe Trail” to have fun while learning about this amazing ecosystem!

Throughout Mission Amazon, Junior Explorers teaches kids about the effects of deforestation. This can be a very difficult topic to discuss with kids, and one that we as parents might not know much about ourselves. Junior Explorers addresses this conservation issue in a way that is easy for kids to understand and inspires them to care for the planet. That’s a value I want to teach my kids!

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