7200 Band MEGA Loom Refill Set from Rainbow Braid Review

7200 Band MEGA Loom Refill Set from Rainbow Braid Review

Every generation seems to have their own reinvention of the friendship bracelet- from the 60’s endless strings of beads, the 70’s safety pin chains, the 80’s woven embroidery floss. My friends embraced their inner hippies with more intricate beaded versions to match the ragged bell-bottoms we dug out of our parents’ closets or unearthed at thrift stores. And the craze for this generation? Woven rubber band bracelets!


It’s kind of genius, if you think about it. The bands are inherently stretchy, which makes sizing a breeze. Plus they’re inexpensive and readily available in an absolute rainbow of colors.


My nieces are already total rubber band bracelet maniacs, so I jumped at the chance to check out this 7200 Band MEGA Refill Set from Rainbow Braid. We happened to have our own loom, but the looms are available with a starter kit for about $15.00.


The refill kit is seriously amazing. My nieces couldn’t stop smiling and saying “Oh my GOSH, that’s so MANY!”. Just to break that down for you, the kit includes 24 colors with 300 bands each, 500 clips, plus a package of beads. The colors truly encompass the rainbow and contain a nice mix of solids/metallics, glitter, bolds, and glow in the dark!

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I recommend getting one of those plastic craft cases with individual compartments to sort and store these in, it makes organizing and planning your bracelets much easier.

The quality is great- all of the bands are uniform in size and strong enough not to break easily. My niece tells me that the best place to learn new bracelet-making techniques is by looking up how-to videos on Youtube. I’m impressed by how immersed she gets in learning intricate new patterns. I think it’s a great craft to teach kids patience and instruction-following as well as to help unleash their own creativity. Once they have the patterns memorized, the color design and layout are up to their imaginations.


I would definitely buy this product as a gift in the future, though with “Oh my gosh, so MANY!” I won’t have to for quite a while!


**I have received the products mentioned in this post in exchange for my honest opinion. I only recommend products to my readers that I truly like and enjoy using.


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  1. I have to admit those are preetty nifty looking and I bet are fun to wear! Your nieces did a great job, so pretty!

    • They’ll love that you said that! 🙂 The bracelets are pretty cool- who knew you could do all that with rubber bands?

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