5 Great Uses for Glass Pebbles

Just a few years ago, if you wanted to purchase glass pebbles you most likely would have had to special order them. They can now be found in small mom and pop dollar stores to large box retail stores. The variety of colours and sizes available on the market today makes the creative mind go full speed ahead with endless possibilities of uses. Let’s explore a few fun ways to use glass pebbles.

Preschool kids through senior adults love hands-on projects. Glass pebbles can be incorporated into:

  • Mosaics
  • Stepping Stones
  • Handmade jewellery
  • Artwork
  • Patio or flower garden water fountains

School teachers, vacation Bible school volunteer’s, activity directors and scout leaders would be wise to keep a supply of pebbles on-hand. One never knows when a craft moment might present itself.

Flower Arrangements
Placing coloured glass pebbles in the bottom of a clear vase before arranging flowers will add a special extra touch to your display. The pebbles will also help hold your flowers as you arrange them. Things to remember when choosing the type and colour of pebbles to use would be:

  • Shape and size of the vase
  • Colours and types of flowers
  • Colours in the decor of the room in which the flowers will be displayed

For those folks who are feeling especially creative- use the pebbles to submerge a flower at the bottom of the vase by arranging them over the stem and leaves. Be sure the petals are free. Carefully fill partially with water and finish the arrangement by adding short-stemmed flowers to the vase.

Grave Sites
Once you have gained permission from the management of the cemetery, place glass pebbles around grave markers and in weather-safe flower arrangements.

Ideas include:

  • Use a permanent, fine tipped marker to print words on the glass pebbles that describe your loved one or perhaps a shared memory
  • Place the pebbles in a container to help hold light, plastic flowers in place and keep them from possibly blowing away or falling over
  • Choose favourite colours and a variety of shapes to press into the ground around the grave marker.
  • Use the pebbles here as you might use them for landscaping around your home
  • Wedding Decorations
  • Coloured or clear glass pebbles are an inexpensive yet classy touch to your wedding celebration.

There are a multitude of ways to use the pebbles in table decorations and centerpieces. A few clever ways to use them are:

  • Place pebbles in the bottom of cylinder vases, add water and float flowers or candles
  • Scatter pebbles on the table
  • Use as place card holder’s by creating two lines of three and place the card in between the rows.
  • Another option is to print names on the pebbles. Add the wedding date on the backside as a keepsake from the special day
  • Decorations for a Spring Luncheon


Gather pebbles that are clear or lightly coloured and make a gathering of friends extra special by:

  • Piece flat pebbles side by side until you have created a pebble place mat at each seat
  • Use as a conversation starter by asking each guest to print one word on a pebble. Place the pebbles in a container, maybe a coloured metal pail. Choose one and read the word, each guest can share a story that is recalled by the word
  • Create helium balloon weights by filling small themed containers and attach balloon strings
  • Glass pebbles have practical applications as well as crafty and creative ones.
  • Use as decorative filler for flowerbed drainage
  • Add glass pebbles to gravel fill in stone walkways
  • Cover the bottom of your aquarium with a variety of coloured and shaped pebbles
  • Keep a container in your kitchen to use as weights when baking a pie shell



Pick up some glass pebbles at Recycled Glass Ulster and get creative. Whether you have an event in the near future or just wish to add a splash of colour to your home, pebbles are easy to find and won’t break the budget.