40 count Marbles Lost My Marbles

40 count Marbles Lost My Marbles

If you’re like us, you probably have a ton of games, somewhat organized on a shelf- but lots of them missing crucial pieces. Some of our favorite new games have been those marble-run types or the logic ones that involve moving the marbles from one location to another.We’re also fans of old fashioned games like just shooting marbles and mancala. The only problem is, I can promise you marbles are the number one game pieces that WILL get lost. The roll away under couches, slip between cushions and honestly sometimes are so pretty that they leave in the pockets of fascinated children.

This big replacement set of 40 marbles is perfect to refill any games that are lacking. They come in their own flocked drawstring bag for easy storage. They’re the exact size you need to roll down marble runs, plus they also include one extra large shooter marble if you’d like to play original marble games. They’re a variety of blues and greens, though I’m sure each package may vary.

They’re also just quite lovely if you want to use them as decorations. I ind they sparkle prettily around candles, scattered across a tabletop. Really just a multi-use item you can’t go wrong with.


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