$35 Free Credit to Yerdle Plus Free Shipping!

I just came across a new site that seems to be like the most random online yard sale. People just snap pics of the things they no longer want and either sell them for a few bucks or give them away. They let you ship or meet in person for local exchanges.

Now some of this stuff seems a little weird to me, like half used bottles of nail polish. Maybe I’m just persnickety about my cosmetics. I might share with my nieces or best friends but that’s about as far as it goes! HOWEVER, they have some super cute stuff if you dig around. I guess that’s the draw of any yard sale, finding a gem among the dust.

I also like their overall goal of reducing waste by encouraging people to pass on items they no longer need instead of throwing them out– and also to buy used instead of immediately heading to a store.

Anyway! To test it out, you can use my link which will give you $35 in free credit plus free shipping. I will also get a free credit. You need a phone number and credit card to sign up, but I tried it out and they do not charge your card unless you buy something over your free amount. I scored a sweet pair of green sequin-covered Maurice’s sneakers, new with tags!

Let me know if you try it- what you think and what you get!