Mouth-watering Deep South Burgers & a $25 Visa GC Giveaway!

Two sweet friends of mine, Bob & Tearsa, recently spread their entrepreneurial wings and opened up a brand new burger place in Dallas, TX! Not only are they amazing people, but they have the skills to bring you the most delectable fast food you’ve ever eaten. Bob has been in the restaurant business with his … Read more


BA Star Tropical Eyeshadow Palette Review and Giveaway! 2 Winners, Ends 09/13

Makeup that blends so perfectly with your skin that you hardly notice it’s there is always nice. Just a slightly more perfectly polished version of you. However, sometimes you don’t want to blend in. You want to stand out, bold and bright from the rest of the crowd. This new Tropical Eyeshadow Palette from BA … Read more

AW6IUT9RXqyIPjnQZeg0_Makeup by 1D signed tin

Makeup By One Direction Launch and Signed Giveaway! #makeupby1D #thelookscollection #markwins #ilovemakeupby1D

If you’ve been following my One Direction posts, you know I’ve been awaiting the launch of their awesome new makeup line in great anticipation. Well, my little kittens, the wait is over! The Looks Collection by One Direction is now officially available at Macy’s. If you’ve been on summer vacation on Mars or something and … Read more


Win $500 in Reebok’s Fall Fitness Giveaway! Ends 08/31

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. What is better than getting the perfect Reebok workout gear to help you and your family stay fit this Fall? How about getting it for free?!? Enter to win the Reebok Fall Fitness Giveaway where … Read more


Dr. Song Vitamin C Serum Review + Giveaway! Ends 09/02

Serums seem to have become one of the raging fads in the last few years. Now it isn’t enough to have a day lotion, a night cream, an eye cream, a BB cream, a CC cream–ARGH! Yeah, it’s enough to make a girl scream, reach for the only cream she really wants  (the kind that … Read more


Ecco Bella FlowerColor Good For You Gloss Review & Swatches

I am always in pursuit of the absolutely perfect lipgloss. Perhaps this is a vain pass-time, but honestly who among you hasn’t craved glisteningly ripe lips, soft as rose petals yet catching the light with a plumply polished gleam? So when I got the chance to try out these FlowerColor Good For You Glosses from … Read more


July Glossybox Unboxing!

Ever since a sweet friend of mine gifted her Glossybox subscription to me, they have been such a lovely treat each month. It’s a nice chance to try high-end beauty products without the full financial commitment. This month was no exception, bringing an awesome collection to soothe my beauty-junkie cravings! The packaging, as usual, was … Read more


Holy Ghost DVD Review & Giveaway Ends 08/27

Considering that the only other Christian documentary I’ve seen was Jesus Camp, which was so disturbing that I still keep it filed under “horror movies”, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Holy Ghost. It’s an interesting concept: a filmmaker and his crew decide to make a film led entirely by the Holy Spirit. No … Read more


Barbecue Grill Light Review + Giveaway! Ends 08/29

This Barbecue Grill Light keeps making me think of my friend Ellen, whose grilling aptitude has taken on mythological proportions in my mind. I picture her with a massive spatula on one hip, a bottle of BBQ sauce on the other, firing up the grill during hurricanes, snowstorms, tsunamis, you name it! Now, I can … Read more


Yorkie Splash and Shine Review + Giveaway! Ends 8/30

Ever since I somehow gained joint custody of the Mighty Thor Thunderpaw, I’ve been in charge of his grooming. These are better known as his spa days, which usually happen on Sundays. Have I mentioned that he’s the strangest little dog in the history of the world? Among his other quirks (like his love for … Read more

Recent Giveaway Winners!!

I’ve been so busy reviewing, photographing and posting giveaways that I’ve gotten behind on announcing winners! That’s a pretty nice problem to have. The Dial Coconut (Which I somehow managed to consistently mis-type as “cocount” in my emails. Sorry girls! I are English real good!) Water Mango Body Wash had 5006 entries and the winners … Read more


Makeup by One Direction Haul! #makeupby1D #thelookscollection #markwins

As I mentioned in my previous giveaway post, One Direction will soon be releasing an awesome new make-up line. While we all wait with fingers crossed to see who the winners of the giveaway will be, I want to take this time to show you one of the collections in their line. That’s right, you’re … Read more

Give Me A Call When You Decide You’re Willing To Fight.

This is a shout-out to the mommies who decide to set their daughters’ molesters on fire. I’ve seen so much dithering, mush-mouthed nonsense on this subject over the last few days, I absolutely want to puke. You know what? Sometimes trying to be a paragon of fairness and rational thought just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes … Read more


Natizo Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons Review + Giveaway! Ends 8/20

As I mentioned in my Stainless Steel Measuring Cup post, baking has a sort of magical sparkle and sheen in my mind. You can almost understand how storybook witches came to be connected with sweets, alchemists stirring and stirring their mysterious pots, creating confections to lead greedy little boys and girls astray! Luckily no one … Read more


Stainless Steel Measuring Cups By KitchenMade™ Review + Giveaway! Ends 08/20

There’s something magical about baking, when you stop to consider it. How is it that these lowly ingredients- a cup of flower, a bit of sugar, a little butter, a nice fresh egg- all can be whisked together with slight variations, in endless combinations to make so very many delicious confections? It seems an impossible, … Read more


Mia Mariu’s NEW Skin Nourishing Oil Review + Giveaway! Ends 08/19

I’ve used and loved some of Mia Mariu’s products in the past, such as their makeup and fragrances so I was certainly intrigued to hear about this new Skin Nourishing Oil they’ve created. It comes in a dark brown jar that immediately puts you in mind of apothecaries and soothing spas. It has a very … Read more


Liquid Chalkers Review

Somehow I had never heard of these Liquid Chalk Markers, but you kittens know if there’s a new crafty product I’m going to try it out. I tested the 4 pack of white chalkers, but I see they also come in an array of pretty colors! These were super easy to use, you just shake … Read more


7200 Band MEGA Loom Refill Set from Rainbow Braid Review

Every generation seems to have their own reinvention of the friendship bracelet- from the 60′s endless strings of beads, the 70′s safety pin chains, the 80′s woven embroidery floss. My friends embraced their inner hippies with more intricate beaded versions to match the ragged bell-bottoms we dug out of our parents’ closets or unearthed at … Read more


Prospect Tea Review + Giveaway! Ends 08/17

I love the ritual of tea, perhaps more than I actually like tea itself. As a child, the brightly colored packets always spoke to me of far-flung foreign lands: London, Africa, Madagascar, India. Camel-driven caravans, high adventure, lace tablecloths and white gloves and flowery hats. Okay, yes. I spent most of my time in a … Read more


Look Like a Flower Design Genius With Bloominous!

I’m in love with the concept of this new site, Bloominous. They offer such a fresh, innovative approach to DIY flower projects. It’s one of those ideas that’s so perfect, you wonder why no one thought of it before. The concept combines several of my favorite things: gorgeous flowers, fabulous tablescapes and a DIY mentality. … Read more


SpookyEyes Dream Eyes Contact Lenses Review

Many of you know I’m completely obsessed with costuming and unusual make-up. Thus I was beyond thrilled to have the chance to check out products from SpookyEyes! That’s somewhere on the list of my dream jobs next to “ice cream tester” and “Hugh Jackman’s personal bed warmer”. My nieces were super excited about it too … Read more


Breezy Beaches Summer Outfit

This is my dream outfit for a late summer afternoon and evening, strolling along the warm sand, splashing in pristine blue water. The look centers around the gorgeously ethereal Roberto Cavalli Printed Silk-Chiffon Kaftan Top over shorts from Delia’s and a bikini top from Charlotte Russe. Makeup would be minimal but with playful pops of … Read more


Framesi BY Sparkling Mousse Light Review + Giveaway! Ends 8/13

Oh my hair. Growing up, I was never allowed to cut my hair. Not a trim, not a bang, not a layer. So it fell about me in an unruly mantle down to my waist, or was slicked back severely into painful ponytails for school. Since then, I’ve alternately chopped it all off, let it … Read more


Dial® Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash Review and Giveaway! Ends 08/09

My friends and readers probably know by now, I’m a new bath product fiend. Just something about all those brightly colored bottles and jars of bubbly potions and lotions lining my shelves makes me feel happy and well-cared-for. But, you know, I’m also kind of spoiled by my holy grail trifecta: Philosophy, Lush and Bath … Read more


Indian Sari Cushion Covers Review & Giveaway! Ends 08/09

I’ll just get this out of the way right now: My name is Jenna and I’m a pillow addict. I know, I know. Go ahead and make your tsking noises while I hang my head in shame. I can’t help it. Nothing brightens up a room or brings together a decorating scheme like a well-placed … Read more


Lace Bubble Knicker Rompers for Babies and Toddlers Review & Giveaway! Ends 08/08

During the summer here, we’re always on the go- to the park, the lake, the library, picnics, playdates and parties! I like to keep an eye out for cute outfits that are a breeze to take on and off but don’t leave the girls looking like tiny mismatched homeless people.  That’s why I’m kind of … Read more


Shark Tank Swag Gift Box Giveaway Part 2! #sharktankswag #CNBCPrimeTV #SharkWeek

My original Shark Tank giveaway was so successful that when the sponsor offered to give away another box of goodies to one of my readers, I jumped at the chance! For anyone new here, I will be recapping the original giveaway post below so you can hear about Shark Tank and find out what you’ll … Read more


Wild Berry Pie

It’s hard to believe it’s already July! We’ve been busy swimming at the lake, working on the garden and having sleepovers. If the house isn’t constantly full of giggling herds of little girls, it just isn’t summer. Aside from the fact that I need to invest in a grocery store to keep the grazing horde … Read more


Chocolate Robot Invasion!

I received this awesome shipment of handmade chocolates by Kreations by Kris thanks to the sweet Twillypop! Her tiny chocolate robots and marshmallow-filled Lego blocks are unequivocally one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Everything came packed in pretty flowered tins. The moment I opened the first tin, the delectable aroma of high quality, … Read more


June Glossybox : The Stars & Stripes Edition

Yay! The June Glossybox is here! You might recall from last month, a dear friend of mine gifted me with a subscription to this awesome service. Partially to show her how much I appreciate it, and partially because I just like to share, I am reporting the unboxing here each month! This is the special … Read more


Bath & Body Works Haul!

Not that I need any more bath products, but the recent amazing Bath & Body Works sale proved irresistible. I managed not to go too crazy and got all of this, with the sale and a coupon, for around $30! I was apparently in the mood for summery scents, coconut oil soaked beaches, wildflowers and … Read more


Custom Canvas Review & Giveaway! Your Photo As Art! Ends 7/18

  I’ve been taking an interest in photography and trying to improve my own with my admittedly ancient (in technological years!) and not top-of-the-line camera. So I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to review these custom canvas prints from Canvas HQ. They sent me a coupon code to order an 11″x 14″ canvas … Read more


Pretty in Pink Summer Wreath!

I’ve been wanting a pretty wreath for my front door, but the prices are often dauntingly high. There’s also the problem that I’m not a huge fan of fake flowers. They so often scream tacky/funeral arrangement/old lady with plastic furniture covers, at least to me. I have flashbacks to a house I used to pass … Read more


Patriotic Pillow: Make Your Own!

As promised, today I’m bringing you instructions for how to make your own patriotic USA pillow as featured in my Fabulous Fourth Table Setting. This is a quick and simple project, you could easily make several to toss around as accents at your 4th of July festivities. I used a plain denim tote bag as … Read more


Fabulous Fourth Of July Table

I decided to do a test run of my table setting for Independence Day. I thought I’d challenge myself by just gathering things from around the house to fit the theme instead of rushing out to buy more stuff. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in belongings, even while being grateful for the excess. It … Read more


You’re The Closest To Heaven That I’ll Ever Be.

My showy irises have made their appearance, spreading further this year.  I love the purple ones for their delicate, veiny tracework pattern of decoration, bleeding into saturated ink-stained pools at the end of each bottom petal. The iris was named from the Greek word for rainbow, denoting the multitude of colors the flowers span. In … Read more


Cheesy Overstuffed Baked Potatoes

These are a long-time family favorite, perfect as a side dish or vegetarian option at cookouts but also a comforting meal in colder seasons.  They’re a decadent treat that practically make a meal all alone. Meat-eaters can add crispy, crumbled bacon. For a lighter version you can use a low-calorie butter substitute and reduced fat … Read more


Bleeding Hearts: A Japanese Legend

I was so happy that one of my favorite flowers, the Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis), made it through the winter. I’m always fascinated with myth and legend, folklore and fairytales. I love tracing the paths these tales take, the ways in which they transform and mutate with time and distance, the ways they’re still evolving … Read more


Dredged in Flour, Deep Fat Fried, Cooled on Paper Towels and Then Devoured.

Spring in the woodlands of Ohio brings a rare treat: Fried Morel Mushrooms! The pioneer spirit lurking in the back of my brain, the one that wants to live self-sufficiently off the land, deeply connected with nature and the rhythms of our planet– that part of me rejoices at the thought of being able to … Read more


“Real Beauty Can’t Be Seen.”

Surely I must soon grow sick of dystopian worlds and apocalyptic visions. Well, not as long as writers keep feeding my habit with books of this caliber. Why am I continuously drawn to stories involving the utter destruction or transformation of humanity? This phenomenon isn’t limited to the fantasies of misanthropic yams! Look around. Zombies … Read more


Or Would I Leave This World Unknown? Salt For Salt and Bone For Bone.

  On Saturday, David Lamb of the folk band Brown Bird succumbed to leukemia in Providence, Rhode Island. He was only 35. Their music has always seemed displaced in history to me, as if you would expect to see them in grainy black and white footage at some deep south dance hall, the roof and … Read more

‘Frozen’ Made Me Gay

…And by “gay” I mean oh so very happy. The controversy over hidden gay themes within this magical children’s cartoon? Not so much. “Oh that silly yam!” you’re probably thinking to yourself. “That’s ridiculous! She’ll say anything for a laugh.” But no. In case you haven’t heard, last month radio talk show host Kevin Swanson … Read more

ModCloth Open Casting Call for ALL in NYC!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Fashion mavens, rejoice! ModCloth is inviting you to come showcase your unique style at their #FASHIONTRUTH Casting Call for ALL event in New York City on September 3rd. All you have to do is show … Read more


Free Cards, Free Prints, Free Stationery! Awesome Deals & Coupon Codes for Shutterfly & Treat!

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.   I’ve been a huge fan of Shutterfly for years- I have a whole shelf full of their beautiful photobooks and they’re often the first place I turn to when … Read more

40% off everything during the Gymboree Labor Day Sale!

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Just in time to stock up for back to school, you can get 40% off everything during the Gymboree Labor Day Sale! They have some of the most adorable outfits, … Read more


adidas 2 Graphic & Ultimate Tees for $30! Ends 9/1

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Going Back to Campus? Get Two adidas Tees (Ultimate and Graphic) for $30 New textbooks, dining hall card, cases of ramen noodles… going back to college can definitely drain your … Read more

Don’t Get Aggravated & Stay Out of Trouble or You’ll be Sorry Giveaway! Ends 9/6

We are board game addicts here, so I couldn’t be happier to bring this giveaway to my readers. Good luck, yammies! Hosted by: Queen of Savings, Moms and Crafters, Lisa – Queen of Random, Dividing by Zero, MaeGal & Mommy Makes Time Sponsor: Winning Moves Games Prize: Winner’s Choice of Aggravation, Trouble or Sorry Game … Read more


100% Plant Based Konjac Sponge infused with Activated Charcoal Review

I wasn’t sure what to make of this Konjac Sponge from Oleavine when I first took it out of the package. Right out of the box, it’s a rock-hard, thought lightweight, gray oval. However, when soaked in water it becomes a super soft sponge suitable for delicate facial skin. Though so soft, the sponge is … Read more