Adore Box March Edition

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Yes, I know it’s April already-and a chilly, windy April it has been here. However, the March Adore Box didn’t reach me until recently. I think the owners experienced some family tragedies this month, so send a kind thought their way. And honestly, it’s never too late for fun beauty goodies, so let’s just dive … Read moreAdore Box March Edition

How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found

I think I’m going to lay off looking for signs of intelligent life on Facebook for a while. It’s a hard choice for me. Do I just go full echo chamber and block the people who leave gross comments? If I do that, why ever post anything? Do I just shut up and post cute … Read moreHow To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found

Things I Learned on the Internet Today

I’ve learned a lot of important things from the internetz today.   1. A group of baboons organized and executed an escape plan from a medical testing facility. The public has been reassured that LOL those wacky primates with their hijinks have been captured and everyone is safe once again. Except for, y’know. The baboons. … Read moreThings I Learned on the Internet Today

Epicurean Organics

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These spices from Epicurean Organics were part of the #shiftconlovepackage. They straggled in a little late, but they ended up being one of my favorite items out of all the fun Shift Con stuff, so I wanted to go ahead and post about them. As usual, I received samples for free but my thoughts can’t … Read moreEpicurean Organics

A Delicious, All-Natural Breakfast #shiftconlovepackage

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Some of you have been following the adventures of my ShiftCon Love Packages, where I’ve been receiving all kinds of natural and healthy products to try out. I’ve gotten samples for free but all opinions are always my own. Today I realized I had all the makings for a delicious, all-natural breakfast, so I thought … Read moreA Delicious, All-Natural Breakfast #shiftconlovepackage

Insurance May Not Be Beautiful but it Is Necessary

Insurance May Not Be Beautiful but it Is Necessary   You never want to get caught without automobile insurance, because in most states, the penalties outweigh the risks. This isn’t the only thing you should take into account, however. What about you? Are you prepared to suffer the consequences of an automobile accident while driving … Read moreInsurance May Not Be Beautiful but it Is Necessary

All-Natural Beauty Essentials #shiftconlovepackage

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In the continuing adventures of the Shift Con Love I’ve been receiving, I gathered together my favorite all-natural beauty products to share with you. Samples of these were given to me, but all opinions are purely my own. When possible I prefer to use animal-free products, but I have to say I was thoroughly impressed … Read moreAll-Natural Beauty Essentials #shiftconlovepackage

Yeah, it’s Healthy but How Does it Taste? #shiftconlovepackage

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If you follow me on social media, you might have noticed that I was completely stoked to be chosen as a ShiftCon Love recipient. In case you’ve never heard of it, ShiftCon is an eco-wellness influencer conference focusing on food, wellness, health, sustainability and platform growth. The Love program allows influencers to try out some … Read moreYeah, it’s Healthy but How Does it Taste? #shiftconlovepackage

Camille Rose Naturals

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**I have received sample products to help facilitate my post. Camille Rose Naturals is launching some gorgeous new products at over 300 Target stores around the nation. Their Garden Collection of beauty bars is handcrafted using natural ingredients that are formulated to be mild and gentle on your skin. Camille Rose is offering three varieties … Read moreCamille Rose Naturals